Kume of Ryukyu Islands is the most beautiful in the world!



Where is Kume island?

Kume is located just 100 kilometers west of Naha and takes about 30 minutes by plane or takes about 4 houres by ferry to travel to and from the island.


Okinawas island are some of the most beautiful in the world,and with their rich heritage,beautiful sandy beach.


During the days of the ryukyu kingdom,Kumejima prospered as a port of call for trade with china,and  as it was left virtually untouched by  heritage still remain intact.


The  island is well known for its traditional texitiles and handmade pongee that have a 1300-year history.


How to move in island.

Once you reach the island,there is a bus service that will let you off at any point you wish,but  it might be more convenient to rent a car orr bicycle or take a taxi to see the sights.


The  largest beach on kumejima is  Eef beach,located in the southeast,which has a two-kilometer-long while beach and facilites for swimming,suurfing and  other sports.


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