【Eisa】The Okinawan Spilit.Eisa dancing.



The Okinawan dancing Eisa

July 15 according to the lunar Caledar(17,Aug,acooding to the mordan calendar for 2016) is the busiest and most exciting day in okinawa.To the Okinawans,this day is a most exciting occasion.


Eisa Dancing  is Performed

Eisa dancing is performed on the day of Obon celebration to bid farewell to the ancetors spirits(michihi-junee)


Young men ando women travel around residential streets and business areas dancing eisa.


17/Aug/2016 according to the lunar calendar is called "Unkei",The day to welcome the ancestors spirits.17/Aug/2016(in some areas,15 or 16,Aug),When eisaa is Perfomed ,is called "Uukui",the day for setting off  ancestors spirits.


Eisa was originaly perfomed so that could give the spirits agood send off.


Many companies observee the last day of Obonn as a holiday; on Ukui ,the Obon mood pervades the entire island.Around sunset,youthes gather at a village Festval venues or community centers,and michi-jyunee biegins.