Do you know ''Tanka-yu-eh'' which is okinawa culture!


What is 【Tanka-yu-eh】?

We call it "Tanka-yu-eh", which is the celebration of one's first birth in Okinawa.
"Tanka" means 1 year old and "yu-eh" means celebratiion.
It is very interesting okinawan culture.
At first,we prepare red rice,an abacus,a pencil,some money,and a notebook.
(The items used differ depending on the home.
For example:a musical instrument,a fire car,and so on.)
And the items are placed on a table. 
Then we make the child who just turned one year old choose one of them.

It is the way to tell fortunes by what the child chooses.

Red rice: The child will have no trouble with a meal.

an abacus:The child will be a good businessman.
a pencil and a notebook:The child will be intelligent(or smart).
money: The child will have no trouble with money in the future.
Like that.
We are delighted no matter which item the child chooses.
By the way,My son was chose money.He is lucky man! He must be billionaire!Okinawan traditional  custom.